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Greenlight Planet is a for-profit social business that designs, distributes, and finances solar home energy with an under-served population in mind: the 1.3 billion global consumers for whom the old-fashioned electrical grid is unavailable or too expensive.  Since its founding in 2009, the company has become a leading global provider of solar-energy products to over 27 million rural consumers in more than 60 countries.

Greenlight Planet was founded by T. Patrick Walsh, a University of Illinois student who spent part of 2005 working with the charity Engineers Without Borders in rural India.  He realized that villagers there, users of ubiquitous kerosene lamps, were not asking for charity.  Rather, they were savvy consumers demanding a better product to light their homes.

With classmates from school, Patrick designed and sold Greenlight’s first solar-lantern prototypes in 2006 in the state of Orissa: brighter and healthier than kerosene lamps, but affordable enough so that people could afford them without subsidies.  In 2007, co-founders Mayank Sekhsaria and Anish Thakkar joined the fledgling company.  The founders moved to India and China in 2008, with the vision that smart design, efficient engineering and innovative distribution strategies could make dirty kerosene lanterns a thing of the past.

Greenlight Planet  Products

Solar Systems For Home Uses
Their Products are sold under the brand Sun King, benefitting from strong customer recognition for having low price and high durability. The systems financed in this loan is more specifically the Sun King's Home 60 and Home 120.

Play Music On A Solar Power Lamp
Sun King Boom, is the first ever solar-powered lantern with a Radio, MP3 player and Mobile Phone Charging from Sun King. A first in our Entertainment category. The digital FM Radio has internal memory to save your favorite radio stations. You  can play music directly from an SD card or USB drive for up to 10 hours. Boom is full of options: Mute, Pause, standby or plug in your earphones for personal listening. This outstanding product does more than light your adventure.

Ultra-bright grid-like power at an affordable price: the highest performing solar lighting and energy hub for off-grid homes and businesses
With three, 200 lumen high-power fixed room lights and a massive 12,000 mAh battery, the Home 120 delivers abundant lighting and appliance charging for the most performance-demanding families and businesses. Included light switches provide modern convenience and the central power hub features standard 5.5V USB and 12V power outputs to power mobile phones and DC appliances.

Grid-like power at an ultra-affordable price
The modern solar lighting and energy hub for off-grid homes and businesses. The Home 60 brings modern lighting and energy to homes living off of the electric grid.  Once installed, the Home 60 provides bright, 100 lumen diffuse fixed room lighting to three separate rooms.  Included wall-mounted light switches provide modern convenience and the central power hub features standard 5.5V USB and 12V power outputs to power mobile phones and DC appliances.

Other Products Include:
Pico Plus
Pro 200
Pro 300
Pro 400
Home 120
Home 60

Greenlight Planet Careers / Job Vacancies

We’re passionate about off-grid energy
Greenlight Planet is owned and operated by engineers, sales force experts, and operations gurus who love to solve difficult problems that change our customers’ lives before our eyes. Our offices across the world are cultural melting pots of technological and grass-roots innovation.

If you’re a committed, mission-driven professional who wants to become part of a team that’s redefining how millions of off-grid families access electricity, we want to hear from you.


Greenlight Planet Address & Contacts

Greenlight Planet BMS
P.O. Box 21910, 
Dar Es Salaam Plot. No. 2, 
Sinza Kwa Remi. Hondo hondo Street. 
Mobile: +255 710 747 011 +255 738 642 756 

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