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ActionAid Tanzania (AATZ) is a development agency that is committed to social justice, gender equality and eradication of poverty. It started development interventions in the country in 1998 as a cross-border initiative by ActionAid Kenya and later transformed into a full-fl edged Country Program in 2000.

Our Vision:
Tanzania without poverty, injustice and inequality in which every person enjoys sustainable development and a right to a life of dignity.

Our Mission:
To eradicate poverty, inequality and injustices by working with people living in poverty and exclusion and their institutions, partners, alliances, social movements and supporters.

Aid International Tanzania Priorities

Women, who have been disadvantaged for generations and their role as drivers of change has been constrained, need to be empowered to confront unequal power and gender inequalities.

Politics and economics
People need to become strong drivers of change to promote democratic governance, access quality basic services and effective management of public resources.

Land and climate
Strengthening resilient livelihoods of people who live in poverty and exclusion, especially women and youth and securing climate justice is important.

Young people constitute the biggest proportion of the society but their needs are not well addressed. There is a need of advancing the rights of children and youth to promote their holistic development.


ActionAid Tanzania
Plot No.79, Makuyuni  Street
Mikocheni B Area
P.O. Box 21496
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Telephone: +255 754 744 443

Fax: +255 (0)22 2700710


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