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SNR Secretary Jobs In Nelson Mandela Bay, Vacancies By Transnet SOC Limited

This advert is open for application by external applicants.

Equity Statement :
Preference will be given to suitably qualified Applicants who are members of the
designated groups in line with the Employment Equity Plan and Targets of the Organisation/Operating

Applicants that are interested in applying for any of the advertised positions must apply by registering on the Careers section of the Transnet Internet.  Please take care in completing all required details on the profile, and then apply for the position.
Alternative Application Methods: (Completed Curriculum Vitae to be submitted)


Note: if you have not been contacted within 30 days of the closing date of this advertisement please consider your
application as unsuccessful.
Any questions regarding the application or recruitment process should be sent in writing to
We urge all our employees, clients, members of the public and our suppliers to report any kind of fraud or corruption at
Transnet. Call the hotline toll free number: 0800 003 056 or email

Operating Division: TPT Nqgura CT
Position Title: Snr Secretary
Employee Group: Permanent
Department: Management
Location:  Ngqura
Reporting To:  Terminal Manager
Grade Level: H2S
Reference Number: 20002967
Position Purpose:
To provide efficient and effective administrative and office support functions to the Business Manager
– Ngqura Operations management team as a whole.

Position outputs:
Management support
- Enhance manager's affectivity by rendering a personal service and to support her in the attainment of her business objectives and daily tasks.
- Understand the business.
- Knowledge of business values, organisation or business structures, organisational policies and procedures, business understanding etc.
-  Manage high level networking and interface between manager and customers, external stakeholders, Opco, Productivityand other.
- Communicate instructions/requests from manager timeously and accurately.
- Remain alert to customers' needs and deal with their requests.  Understand the challenges of delivering consistent value to clients and to the company to create and sustain a competitive advantage.
- Anticipate the needs of the manager in each situation and react accordingly.
-Schedule appointments and maintain manager's diary and activities in a suitable manner in order to maximise her time efficiencies and to support manager's personal and organisational goal.
- Relieve manager of various administrative details, co-ordinate and maintain effective office procedures and efficient work flows, implement policies and procedures set by manager.
- Ensure that the management team is informed of all relevant information by constantly keeping them informed via e-mail, telephone and fax.  Open channels of communication between our office and team members.
- Establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with co-workers, subordinates, customers and clients.
- Attend to clients in a professional and courteous manner in order to maintain a professional image.
- Receive and assist visitors and telephone callers and refer them to appropriate persons as circumstances warrant.
- Sort, read and register incoming mail and documents and when appropriate, refer to relevant HOD's for action.
- Research, and abstract information and supporting data in preparation for meetings, work projects and reports.
- Research, gather and consolidate information on other specific issues and prepare portfolios of information on issues relevant to the manager's outputs and to manage the information sources and documents in the office in order to ensure logical organisation of information.
- Compose correspondence and reports for own manager's signature.
- Correlate and edit material submitted by others - organise material for submission to manager.
- Keep updated database of manager's personal details - often required by manager for submission to relevant people.
- Record manager's timesheets and forward to TM at month end for signatures as well as to human resources.
- Record own timesheet.
- Maintain an effective message taking system.
- Keep manager informed of all meetings and commitments and remind him timeously.
- Keep manager informed of sensitive issues within the organisation.
- Co-operate with manager's deputy during his absence.
- Assist other Opco, Productivity and other meeting members where necessary, meet their different needs and requirements.
- Keep record of Opco members leave for manager's information.
- Communicate business matters for Opco, Productivity and other meetings timeously, clearly, accurately and effectively by means of e-mail, telephone, fax and in writing.
- Take minutes for Opco, Productivity and other meetings chaired by the Business Manager.

Diary Management
- Meet with manager to update diary and discuss important matters and events.  Manage and maintain diary effectively for diary activities, events and appointments.
-  Plan an organised day (no overbookings, proper time planning-consider location of meeting and distance to be travelled to venue).
- Schedule appointments and activities for the Business in a suitable manner in order to maximise time efficiencies.
- Set up and confirm appointments.  When setting up an appointment, collect all the relevant information and submit to
manager for presentation.
Processing of documents

- Compose and type effective and accurate correspondence and reports for manager's signatures.
- Drafting and typing of letters, reports. Faxes, organograms, tables, presentations, etc.
- Take down verbal dictation.
- Type from material available, reports and presentations in a neat manner.
- Prepare, compile and bind hand outs.
- Send e-mail messages and action received messages.

- Manage, sort and annotate incoming mail and documents by means of registering, prioritising and categorising in order of priority for manager's attention.
- Highlight important matters and attach relevant paperwork to mail for necessary auctioning.
- Determine routing, signatures required and maintain follow-up.
- Research in past files and history for documents.
-Read and scrutinise mail in order to be familiar with company matters.
- Reply to correspondence and action proactively, i.e. prioritise, acknowledge receipt/draft replies for manager's or own signatures.
- Compose and type correspondence and reports for manager's or own signature.
- Correlate and edit material submitted by others - organise material for submission to executive in draft format.
- Manage and follow up on manager's correspondence i.e. outstanding issues/deadlines/urgent matters and maintain a system to control actions delegated to Opco, Productivity and other meetings by manager.
- Deal with confidential material and see the safekeeping thereof.
- File documents on relevant files after auctioning.
- Ensure easy retrieval of documents.

- Collate, compile and type neat and accurate presentations, graphics, organograms on Powerpoint and MS Word for
Manager’s overhead presentations (overhead
– or data projector) at meetings/workshops.
- Keep hard copies of presentations on file.
- Make copies of presentations and distribute timeously.

Office Management
- Establish requirements for stationery and refreshments.  Order necessary stationery, furniture etc. and keep record of stock.
- Deal with non-routine matters, such as special projects, with minimum specific instruction.
- Assume responsibility and execute the manager’s orders and instruction on authority.
- Follow up and remind Opco, Productivity and other meetings of regular reports when due.
- General office management.
- Responsible for office maintenance and to ensure equipment is in running order.
- Co-ordinate and maintain boardroom schedule and keep abreast of equipment usage.
- Equipment faults (office printer, laminator, etc)
– arrange fixing, replacing and maintenance.

- Provide a good service to customers/clients.  Sound interface with customers of a high profile and at all levels.
- Exercise courteousness and be professional at all times.
- Remain alert to customers’ needs and deal with their requests (shipping lines, trucking industry, etc).
- Deal with difficult customers in a tactful manner.  Exercise empathy.
- Resolve complaints.
- Receive visitors and keep them occupied until manager is available for the appointment.
- Announce and introduce visitors to manager or other staff.
- Control access to managers’ offices.
- Assist by tactfully terminating visitors visits (if she/he overstays), in order for manager to attend to next appointment.
- Redirect unexpected visitors to relevant operations managers if manager is unable to accommodate them.
- Inform the relevant operations managers of the visitor.
- Handle telephone calls, answer telephone promptly and courteously, ensure that callers are dealt with in a professional manner and that queries are handled to their satisfaction.
- Establish callers requirements
– screen and route calls correctly.
- Diarise and record callers’ messages accurately and return calls according to urgency.

- Make arrangements for and coordinate conference meetings.
- Attend and record minutes at certain meetings and responsibility for accurate transcription and distribution to participants timeously ( weekly OPCO, Bimonthly Productivity etc.
- Scrutinise minutes of meetings and draw up action lists where items are allocated to managers’ for actioning.
- Forward this to manager for preparation of the next meeting.
- Be familiar with matters to be discussed.

Plan Meeting
- Ensure the role players’ diaries correspond. Arrange dates.
- Unless urgent, give timeous notification.
- Compile and send out agenda (set time frames for agenda items)
- Present documentation relevant to the meeting.
- At certain meetings/workshops each delegate will be represented with a file containing the relevant papers for the event as
well  as stationery.
- Arrange and prepare venue.
- Control disruptions/interruptions at meetings.

- Maintain filing and records management system and other office flow procedures.
- File all correspondence and documentation is a required manner which allows speedy retrieval of documents.
- Maintain and update extensive filing system
– treat as confidential.
- Retrieve documents accurately upon managers’ requests.
- Open new files and close/shred (where necessary) outdated information.

- Lead by example on a continual basis to ensure respect and trust are built within the team.
- Apply outstanding secretarial skills (assertive, disciplined, motivated, sense of urgency, integrity, exercise patience, control interruptions, service and people orientated, positive approach, flexibility, good memory, responsible, show interests and accuracy).
- Be assertive to enable guidance, encourage and advise.  Be decisive.
- Have initiative, initiative cannot be achieved without responsibility and loyalty.
- Always strive to be the best and maintain these standards.
- Effective and loyal office administration while working under minimum or no supervision.
- Manage protocol.
- Be professional, have tact and diplomacy.
- Quality conscious.
- Cultural sensitivity.
- Accuracy and attention to detail.
- Plan own career and manage personal development.
- Manage time effectively.
- Make arrangements for relief duties foe when taking leave and/or absence from office.
- Attend job related seminars/workshops.

Qualifications & Experience:
- Matric
- Secretarial Diploma or Certificate
Minimum Years Relevant Experience:
• 1 year relevant experience

- Microsoft Office
- Electronic mail
- Schedule + electronic diary system
- Internet and fax
- SAP financial system
The closing date is on 27.11.2018.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that HR has received the application before the closing date of the advertisement.


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