Friday, November 2, 2018

Provisioning Clerk Jobs In Pretoria, No Experience Required For Grade 12


Job Description  
A grade 12 certificate.
No experience required,
Basic knowledge of supply chain duties, practices as well as the ability to Capture data, operate computer and collecting statistics.
Basic knowledge and understanding of the legislative framework governing the Public Service.
Basic knowledge of work procedures in terms of the working environment Planning and organization skills Computer literacy skills Interpersonal skills.
Planning and organization skills.
Written and verbal communication skills. Computer literacy ( BAS, LOGIS)Team work .W
orking under pressure.

Grade 12/Senior Certificate.

Job related knowledge:

Supply chain duties, practices as well as the ability to capture data, operate a computer and collecting statistics,
Understanding of Legislative Framework governing to the Public Service,
Work procedures in terms of the working environment.

Job related skills:

Planning and Organisational,
Computer Literacy (Basic Accounting System,
Logistical Information System),
Interpersonal Relations,
Communication (written and verbal).
Team work .
Working under pressure.
Meeting deadlines

Render asset management clerical support. 
Compile and maintain records (e.g. assets records/database).
 Check and issue furniture, equipment and accessories to components and individuals. 
Identify redundant, non–serviceable and absolute equipment for disposal. 
 Verify Asset Register. 
Render demand and acquisition clerical support. 
Request inputs for demand and procurement plans. 
Prepare specifications. 
Assist with secretarial services for Bid Specification and Evaluation Committees. 
Prepare Request for Quotations (RFQ). 
Invite and close quotations. 
Prepare comparative schedules. 
Evaluation of received quotations. 
Provide weekly, monthly and quarterly report to management. 
Report on fruitless and wasteful expenditure. 
Provide deviation reports. 
Maintain Demand and Acquisition Registers. 
Draft memorandums. 
Render logistical support services. 
Place orders for goods. Receive and verify goods from suppliers. 
Capture goods in registers database. 
Receive request for goods from end user. 
Issue goods to end users. Maintain goods register. 
Update and maintain register of suppliers. 
Promote the application of relevant legislation, policies and procedures. 
Ensure that current policies are adhered to. 
Ensure that Standard Operating Procedures are followed. 
Ensure that applicable processes are followed. 
Ensure that Delegations of Authority are adhered to

Additional Information 
  Posts on salary level 1 to 8 will be advertised internally and exclusively for DRDLR Employees. Intern and contract appointments are encouraged to apply for permanent positions. African, Coloured and White males and Coloured females and Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply


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