Friday, November 2, 2018

Project Officer Jobs In The Government Of Eastern Cape By DRDLR Recruiter


Job Description   
 The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has a vacant post for a Project Officer: Communal Property Associaton in the Eastern Cape. 
All qualified and suitable candidates are invited to apply for this position.

   Bachelor’s Degree/National Diploma In Community Development/Development Studies/Non-Governmental Organisational and Social Change/Law. 
1 year relevant experience in Land Reform environment. 

Job related knowledge: 
Land Tenure Security matters. 

Job related skills: 
Negotiation, Presentation, Facilitation, Organisation, Planning, Interview, Communication (verbal and written). 
A valid driver’s licence is recommended
  Support all registered Communal Property Associations (CPA) to ensure that they are compliant with CPA Act and their Constitutions. 
Identify and monitor (including membership verification) non-compliant CPAs. 
Submit Annual CPA Report to parliament collect data on CPA’S. 
Provide the relevant role-players/stakeholders with project support requirements information. Complete the necessary administrative tasks related to the implementation of CPA Programmes within the project cycle. 
Support all registered CPA’s to endure good corporate governance and intergovernmental relations. Identify all CPA’s in the Districts and convince initiation and establishment meetings of link CPA’s to other legal entitles. 
Investigate enquiries relating to communal property institutions and participate in all structures created in terms of the CPA strategy. 
Produce project identification reports and provide accurate project documentation and records. Provide the relevant role-payers/stakeholders with projects support requirements information. Complete the necessary administrative task related to the implementation of the CPA programmes within the project cycle. 
Establish CPA that facilitate the economic upliftment of communities. 
Facilitate the meeting with the communities/stakeholders. 
Inform individuals or group applicants of land policy and options available. 
Ciliate the drafting of the constitution. 
Submit application for registration. 
Provide capacity building to the CPA. 
Identify training needs. Identify strengths. 
Organise training. Monitor progress

Additional Information   
 Posts on salary level 1 to 8 will be advertised internally and exclusively for DRDLR Employees. Intern and contract appointments are encouraged to apply for permanent positions. African, Coloured, Indian and White males and Coloured, India and White females and Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply
Closing date: 2018/11/23


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