Monday, October 29, 2018

Execujet Aviation Group Jobs, Pilot Commander Position Available For Applications

Pilot Commander x2 - Challenger 601

ExecuJet delivers excellence in a comprehensive range of business aviation services tailored to our clients and partners. We are dedicated to safety and strive for creating a fulfilling workplace through cultivating genuine, open and engaging relationships with passionate colleagues.

ExecuJet is currently seeking suitably qualified aircrew members to fill a vacancy within our Operations division for a position based out of Abuja, Nigeria.

The main objective of the position is for setting and maintaining operational standards for a private operation.

    Assume responsibility for the operation of the aircraft from the time of boarding until handing over to authorised personnel or when aircraft is parked, locked and sealed
    Ensure that the safe operation of the aircraft is in accordance with the regulations and procedures.
    Decide whether to accept the assigned aircraft subject to maintenance defects as allowed by the approved MEL
    If delegated conduct of the flight shall, in an emergency situation that requires immediate decision and action, take any action considered necessary under the circumstances.
    Ensure that all operational policies, procedures and checklists are complied with in accordance with International Standard and Recommended Practices and Procedures including flight and duty limitations
    Ensure that the pre-flight inspection has been carried out and that the correct type of fuel and oil are loaded in the correct quantity to meet the regulatory and company requirements
    Ensure that all passengers are briefed on the location of emergency exits and the location and use of relevant safety and emergency equipment
    Ensure that no person is carried in the aircraft who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that the safety of the aircraft or its occupants is likely to be endangered
    Must not permit any crew member to perform any activity during take-off, initial climb, final approach and landing except those duties required for the safe operation of the aircraft
    Ensure that abnormal or emergency situations requiring the application of part or all of abnormal or emergency procedures, and simulation of IMC by artificial means, are not simulated during air transport flights
    Ensure that the technical log/flight folio is completed
    Ensure that a flight data recorder is not disabled, switched off or erased during flight nor permit recorded data to be erased after flight in the event of an accident or incident subject to mandatory reporting
    Ensure that the relevant required documents including all passengers and crew are carried on board the aircraft and will remain valid for the duration of the flight or the series of flights
    Ensure that a weather briefing is obtained prior to flight operations, that a detailed ATC flight plan has been filed, that the aircraft is loaded in compliance with applicable weight and balance limitations and that the C of G falls within the limits of the Flight Manual for the particular aircraft during take-off, en-route and the landing phases
    Ensure that all forms and documentation applicable to the particular flight, as required by the company, have been completed, and shall ensure that all required checklists, aircraft flight manual, flight folio, defect sheets, pertinent aeronautical charts and applicable equipment are on board the aircraft and serviceable
    Ensure sign-on with authorisation sheet, and ensure that in the event of operations away from base, that applicable contact details are made available to flight operations and that the crew is contactable
    Training, checking and managing of aircrew – if applicable.
    Assist with ad-hoc duties as assigned by the relevant manager


    Matric/Grade 12 or similar
    Possess a valid FAA/EASA/SACAA ATPL to be able to be validated for the Federal Aviation Authority and Aircraft Registry

    Clear understanding of Part 91/135/121 operations with a min of 5 to 8 years’ experience in the Aircraft Commercial Field and Corporate/Business Aviation.
    Clear understanding of international and local regulations.
    Minimum of 4000 hours total time, 3000 multi-engine jet PIC time. (Captains)
    Current and proficient on Challenger 601-3R
    Experience in general and people management practices


    Good communication and interpersonal skills
    High levels of responsibility
    Professional approach towards allocated duties
    Self-disciplined and stress tolerant
    Systematic and well organised
    Ability to cope with large volumes of work
    Ability to work independently and within a team
    Attention to detail and ability to take initiative

    Six weeks on, three weeks off
    Accommodation (crew house, excluding meals, provided in Abuja)
    Airline tickets, Hotel accommodation, recurrent training and per diem allowances whilst on duty also provided

Closing Date For Applications: 5 November 2018


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