Monday, September 3, 2018

Mobile Developer Jobs In Stellenbosch, NBS Recruitment Advertisement

Mobile Developer Vacancy


* 4 years' mobile development experience
* Experience working with iTunesConnect and the Apple Developer Portal
* Java, Objective C knowledge will be beneficial
* A passion for learning and using new technologies, tools and platforms
* A familiarity with Agile, test-driven development, and rapid release cycles
* A good grasp of OO design patterns and modern software design principles with a mobile focus

* Hungry and eager to make a difference at a technical and operational level
* A healthy self-esteem - you will be challenged by some bright minds on a regular basis
* Good communication skills - you will need to explain your ideas to your teammates
* The ability to get things done - we don't like micro-management, but we expect you to do the right thing
* A tendency to think outside the box - innovation is valued highly at Entersekt
* A preference to work in a team rather than by yourself
* An attitude of being proud of your code and taking ownership

Job Type: Permanent
Company Name: NBS
Company Location: Stellenbosch

Application contact details
Call us: 0731283308
Contact Person: zipho mzamo
Application Closing Date: Friday, September 28, 2018
Remuneration: R30k - 60k per month
Send CV to:

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