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Absa Group Limited (JSE: ABG), formerly Barclays Africa Group Limited, and originally Amalgamated Banks of South Africa, is a South African financial services provider, offering personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management as well as bancassurance. Absa Bank Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Absa Group Limited

Absa Group Limited is 14.9% owned by Barclays plc and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The group is one of Africa’s major financial service providers offering personal and business banking, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management, and bancassurance.

Absa was founded in 1991 through the merger of financial service providers United Bank (South Africa), the Allied Bank (South Africa), the Volkskas Bank Group and certain interests of the Sage Group. The following year, Absa acquired the entire shareholding of the Bankorp Group which included Trustbank, Senbank and Bankfin, thereby extending its asset base further. In the early years of this union, each bank operated under its own name. In 1998, they were fused into one single brand. A year later, Absa adopted a new corporate identity and the name was changed into Absa Group Limited.

To cement the union achieved in 1998, Absa decided to adopt a single brand and provide an array of financial services offering "simple, uncomplicated banking relationships, value for money, stability, convenience and superior customer service

ABSA Popular Accounts

Transact Account
Minimum income: R0
Monthly fee: R4.99 pm
    Your income must be less than R3 000 pm
    Free point-of-sale (POS) purchases
    Free monthly subscription for online, mobile and telephone banking

Flexi Value Bundle
Minimum income: R3 000 pm
Monthly fee: R59.52 pm
    Funeral cover to the value of R15 000 included
    Free monthly subscription for online, mobile and telephone banking
    Free eStatements

Gold Value Bundle
Minimum income: R10 000 pm
Monthly fee: R105.92 pm
    Lifestyle benefits with Absa Dining
    R20 000 lump sum death benefit included
    Unbeatable overdraft interest rate

Premium Banking
Minimum income: R25 000
Monthly fee: R170.48 pm
    Exclusive priority banking at selected branches
    Free financial needs analysis
    Eight free Take-me-Home trips

  ABSA  Online Banking

    Online Shopping
    Online Share Trading

Want to bank on your time?

If you want to pay accounts, make transfers, apply for loans, top up prepaid accounts and so much more, try online banking. It’s secure, super quick and, best of all, you never have to leave home.
Here’s what you can do with Absa Online

Control your online banking profile
Manage all your accounts
Make payments
Get online security information
Manage savings and investments

ABSA Loans, Quick Applications

Access cash in a quick application
Need to borrow cash for something specific? They have the perfect personal loan for you.

Personal Loan
All-purpose borrowing, for both planned and unplanned expenses.
R3 000 – R350 000
Repayment term
From 12 - 84 months

Express Loan
When you need money and want to pay it back quickly.
R1 500 – R8 000
Repayment term
From 2 - 6 months

Instant Loan
Quick cash anytime, at any Absa ATM or on Absa Online.
R250 – R5 000
Repayment term
35 days

Access to cash whenever you need it

If you need to borrow money regularly, They have the loans to see you through.

Easily access cash if you have a cheque account.
R500 – R250 000
Repayment term
You only pay interest on the amount you have used.

Revolving Credit Facility
Ongoing access to cash when you need it.
R15 000 – R150 000
Repayment term
From 12 months - infinite

Credit Card
Make everyday purchases and cover unexpected expenses.
Repayment term

ABSA Mobile Banking

Get a fast, easy to access and secure experience with our mobile banking services. They’re free of data charges and can be used anytime, anywhere.
Mobile banking app

Use your smartphone or tablet to manage money on the move.

Simply dial *120*2272# on any cellphone to get started.

Keep a home search tool in your pocket.
Cellphone Banking Full Details

Absa Branch Code Locator

Absa Branch Code Locator – As we all know how hard it is when it comes to finding a Bank branch code, most of the times we use search online to quickly find absa bank branch code or absa branch name.

As you are currently searching, “something that you need adapt to”
Universal Branch Codes Absa – 632005

ABSA Internet banking

Go beyond the basics. With Absa Online, you can apply for an account, change account names, configure your NotifyMe settings and ensure you receive your eStatements – all at the click of a button.
Internet Banking Login

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