Thursday, July 5, 2018

Planet Fitness Vacancies, Marketing and Brand Coordinator

Marketing and Brand Coordinator Johannesburg

Ensuring the brand is represented correctly at all times through all marketing activities

* Street Poles (getting correct sites, sign off, creative, checking implementation)

* Billboards

* Handouts (organizing with Handy Exposure, making sure they have flyers and uniforms, booking contracts etc)

* Print (making sure clubs have sufficient flyers and they correct etc)

* Newspaper inserts (ensuring we book and deliver for new clubs and any ad hoc)

* Liaising with designers and managing their deadlines, priorities and general briefings

* Briefing in all creative elements needed throughout the business

* Liaising regarding club events (posters, emailers, SMS's & social media posts)

Social Media Agency:
* Sending through event posts and checking this has been scheduled correctly

* Briefing on any campaigns, sending through artwork

* Assisting in conceptualization with the team

In Club:
* - Posters (ensure clubs receive posters when approved by operations etc)

* - Events (posters, emailers etc)

* - Custodian for all pre-printed materials

* Managing the CGM profiles for the communication mailers (Netgen system)

Club Openings:
* Ensuring new clubs have all marketing materials ready for opening

* Arranging anything needed for the club opening day event, ribbon, t-shirts, caps etc

* Arranging any external activations from partners on openings

* Newspaper inserts

* Arranging bookings and management of street pole and billboard advertising

* Ensuring the new club has flyers for sales teams

External Signage:
* Arranging sign off and installation on all club external signage for new clubs

* Banners on buildings, getting landlord, council approvals

* Free standing billboards

* Any additional logo signage on buildings, contra-visions on windows etc

Internal Signage:
* Managing the internal signage creative and orders

* Ensuring all new clubs have correct internal signage throughout the club

* Arranging with procurement on any internal signage that needs to be implemented in clubs

* Sending any SMS / email requests through to Netgen from clubs / events

* Setting up landing pages for campaign

* Ensuring the website is up to date at all times

* Assisting the team with concepts for banners and refreshing where necessary

* Sending blog posts to be updated onto website etc

* Ensuring all partner information is correct and updated throughout the business: website, social media, printed materials, in-club posters/info

* Conducting the project role on marketing campaigns to ensure the objectives are met from all parties and agencies etc, meeting deadlines etc

* Attending to any marketing department queries / admin tasks

* Liaising with externals regarding in-club shoots/renting of space for activations etc

* Dealing with TLC media on installations and approving campaigns

* Organizing goody bags and ensuring the contents are in line with the brand

* Keeping a filing system of all PO's and artworks, sign offs etc

* Ensuring the templates on Marketing drive are updated

Job Type: Permanent
Company Name: Planet Fitness
Company Location: Johannesburg

Application contact details
Call us: 011 327 1808
Contact Person: Yvette Swanepoel
Application Closing Date: Thursday, August 2, 2018
Remuneration: Market related
Send CV to:

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