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Mtn Sa Innovation Centre Vacancies, Programme Manager

Programme Manager Job: TOPP & CIMA

Location        Roodepoort,ZA
Organization Name        MTN SA - Innovation Centre
Department Description             CFO – Business Finance and Assurance

Mission/ Core purpose of the Job:
To enable the creation of future staffing capacity to meet the financial and commercial needs of MTN through the development and execution of programmes such as TOPP and CIMA, to ensure availability of high calibre, professionally trained staff.

•   Understanding of the capacity issues within the South African context
•   Dynamic legal and regulatory environment, including and not limited to Skills Development, SAICA regulations, TOPP regulations etc.
•   Evolving industry sector constantly presenting new challenges and opportunities to the core businesses
•   The NQF and its external and internal accreditation
•   Participative environment – highly diverse and team-focused
•   ISO9000, 9002
•   Rapid advancement of systems and technology
•   Impacted on by the NQF and its external accreditation and internal accreditation to ensure high levels of service delivery
•   Within HR policies and guidelines and business needs                  

Key Performance Areas:

Task Complexity:

Policies and procedures
•   Develop and implement TOPP policies in line with SAICA regulations and code of ethics ensuring adherence to MTN learnership programme /policy and assessment criteria for trainees
•   Develop and implement retention policy with regard to trainees
•   Develop and define the TOPP programme
•   Development of CIMA policy ensuring alignment to MTN bursary policy
•   Ensure memorandums of understanding completed and submitted to SETA’s delete – now done by L&D
•   Ensure accurate reporting per student as per programme requirements
•   Develop the recruitment strategy and ensure alignment to SAICA requirements and MTN Graduate Development Programme

Assessment and Selection of Potential CA’s
•   Determine the future capacity requirements of the business with regards to CA’s to ensure alignment to future strategic goals
•   Identify criteria to be used in the nomination and selection of participants
•   Recruitment of students/trainee through arranging and selecting the appropriate advertising media as well as the actual selection of students/trainees both internal and external. Develop learning contracts in line with CIMA, TOPP and MTN requirements and ensure the implementation  of the TOPP and CIMA programmes

Mentorship of TOPP, CIMA and Management development
•   Development and implementation of Management Development Mentoring programme
•   Research and analyse best practice mentoring processes for the development of PPP’s
•   Ensure compliance to PPP’s
•   Develop and implement mentors training framework
•   Identify mentors along with the GM and train these mentors in accordance to framework – delete – mentoring now an informal process
•   Develop and implement the on the job orientation programme for CIMA & TOPP students ensuring alignment to CIMA and SAICA
•   Develop, implement and facilitate the induction programme ensuring alignment to CIMA , TOPP and MTN requirements

Programme Development
•   Facilitate Topp and CIMA programmes to Support students/trainees with regard to the interaction with the different institutes regarding lectures, progress and reporting on their behalf
•   Planning and execution of TOPP assessments and rotations
•   Ensure the programme meets the requirements of the framework as provided in the Skills Development legislation as well as the requirements of the institutes it is accredited to.
•   Liaise with SAQA to register the programme if required
•   Research and consider best practice, local conditions, trends, as well as competitor activity

Partner and Supplier Relationship Management

•   Set performance criteria (SLA’s) with partners and suppliers and manage performance and take corrective action where necessary
•   Ensure adherence to SLA in order to  satisfy  internal customers, namely, Learning and Development, CIMA Students, TOPP Trainees and Mentors.  The satisfaction of the external customers, namely, CIMA, ATCOR, SAICA.
•   Identify and recommend external parties to assist with programme implementation, as required
•   Assist in the selection of partners and suppliers as required
• Discussing, drafting, reviewing, negotiating and updating contracts/memorandum of agreements with service providers.

CIMA and TOPP Programme Implementation
•   Ensure adequate planning, coordination  and delivery of the programme in terms of activities, resources, timelines, follow-up dates, etc
•   Support and coordinate work to be performed by service providers
•   Identify, train and coordinate workplace assessors and mentors
•   Manage and redeploy resources to ensure fulfilment of training plans and objectives

Programme Effectiveness and Quality
•   Ensure that the organisation is accredited to perform assessments on individuals to ensure that the learning outcomes have been achieved in line with SAICA
•   Redesign / re-launch programme when required
•   Continually improve programmes to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and performance, as well as return on investment
•   Provide status / progress reports as required

Programme Finances – this is now all done by L&D
•   Assist in securing funding for learnerships – SETA funding
•   Ensure MTN receives grants and tax incentives on the successful conclusion of learnership agreements
•   Completion of Memorandum of Understandings with Service providers for  recognition by SETA to obtain funding
•   Completion and submission of reports and SLA documents to SDF for submission to the ISSET SETA

Supervisory / Leadership / Managerial Complexity:
Management of Financial Learnership Administrator
Training of sub-ordinate
•   To determine sub-ordinate training needs through IDP process and recommending training accordingly. Improvement of skills and  knowledge of through training and studying
•   Set boundaries within which service providers will operate
•   Enable service providers to do their work by monitoring and problem solving
•   Continually assess the technical competence of the service providers
•   Evaluate and assess performance of service providers
•   Actively manage non-performance
•   Indirect management of TOPP trainees and CIMA trainees
•   Management of TOPP and CIMA programmes
•   Full HR responsibility with regard to these trainees

Budget management
•   Manage both CIMA and TOPP budgets
•   Forecasting of both CIMA and TOPP budgets

Role Complexity:
•   Evaluate the training programmes that become feeders for TOPP/CIMA ( eg. Thuthuka Pro and other bursary funds)
•   Other adhoc research and recommendations , related to training

Creativities (improvement/innovation inherent):
•   Suggests concrete ways to improve resource utilisation
•   Apply market research in an optimal way to continually improve programmes
•   Implement cost-saving activities

Vulnerabilities (control span):
•   Business expectations vs. the delivery reality
•   Legislative changes
•   Lack of buy-in from stakeholders
•   Budgetary constraints that impact on the short and long term strategies that are being devised
•   Prescriptive regulatory environment impacting on solution development
•   Poor stakeholder management
Job Requirements
       Minimum Requirements:


•   OD-ETDP Practitioner with 3 year Diploma/ Degree

•   At least 2-3 years experience in Learning and development and training
•   Required to have a strong understanding of the finance environment with regard to processes
•   Experience in training needs identification
•   Experience in the accreditation of ETDP unit standards and skills development
•   Managing a program of similar nature an advantage

•   Computer training
•   Skills development training
•   Project management
•   SAQA standards training
•   NQF system training
Additional Details          


Head - Big Picture Focus

•   Strategy Implementers - Ensures execution of strategies through creating and implementing tactical plans for others to follow
•   Decisive Problem Solver - Has the mental agility to identify business challenges and explore effective solutions through effective influencing
•   Best Practice Value Creator - Encourages commercial innovation and continuous improvement for systems, processes, products and service offerings

Heart – Emotionally Intelligent
•   Culture and Change Champion -  Role models ethical practices by living the MTN values and vital behaviours for others to follow
•   Guiding People Manager - Is self-aware and guides team capability development through opportunity creation for realising potential
•   Relationship Builder - Builds relationships across the business to influence decision-makers and build team credibility

Hands – Results Focused
•   Results Achiever - Produces sustainable divisional results through ethical practices
•   Operationally Astute - Sets priorities, plans, organizes and co-ordinates the work of others

•   In-depth knowledge of Skills Development legislation
•   In-depth knowledge of CIMA and TOPP
•   In-depth understanding of the National Qualifications Framework
•   Knowledge of the criteria for quality training and learning practices in the workplace as defined by the National Skills Board Regulations of March 1998

Skills / physical competencies:
•   Planning skills – plan, prioritise, resource allocation and deliver on time
•   Technical / professional excellence
•   Relationship building
•   Computer literate
•   Problem solving skills
•   Communication skills
•   Influencing skills
•   Negotiation skills
•   Project Management skills
•   Presentation / facilitation skills

Behavioural qualities:
•   Team orientation –working in an integrated team environment
•   Relationship builder – strong people-focus
•   Resilience – maintaining composure and dealing effectively with stress
•   Flexible and adaptable – changing opinions / behaviour in the light of changing situations
•   Approachable
•   Diplomacy and tact
•   Consultative
•   Perseverance
•   Independent-minded – ability to work independently
•   Reliable and dependable

How To Apply:
Suitably qualified candidates interested in this position can submit an application by clicking on the "Apply" button and upload a comprehensive copy  of their CV/Resume.

Closing Date: 08 August 2018


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