Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Land And Agricultural Development Bank Of South Africa Vacancies

Job Title    Senior Specialist: Agriculture (Team Lead) – Grains

Division    Agricultural Economics and Advisory
Unit    Agri-Business Support Sector Specialists
Job Type Classification    Permanent
Location - Country    South Africa
Location - Province    Gauteng
Location - Town / City    Centurion

Job Advert Summary   
The Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa (Land Bank) is South Africa’s only specialist agricultural bank established in 1912, the bank’s sole objective is to serve South African commercial and emerging farmers and bring specially designed financial services within their reach. These services enable farmers to finance land, equipment, improve assets and obtain production credit. The Land Bank provides financial services that have moved with the times and continues to provide services to agri-business and constantly reviews its offerings to ensure that they match the needs of an industry. As change has swept across the sector in South Africa the socio-economic makeup of agriculture has altered, bringing new entrants from historically disadvantaged backgrounds on to the land, these new farmers, facing the challenges of establishing sustainable agri-businesses across the agricultural value chain, Land Bank has been a commercial lifeline offering appropriately designed financial products that facilitate personal and commercial viability in a sector that is vital to the sustainability of South Africa and its people.

Main Purpose of the Job   
Manage and lead the specific commodity (Grains, Livestock or Horticulture) team and ensure mobilisation of expert agriculture industry economics support services across the Bank with particular emphasis on where there are either skills / competency shortages or where potential investments are either highly complex or high value.

Provide ongoing technical advice and knowledge/information sharing to the Bank’s team to ensure submission of high quality accurate applications through support when requested in terms of good governance and compliance to legislation and best practice within the Land Bank’s policies and guidelines.

Key Performance Areas    
Manage and ensure mobilisation of specialist skills into business case viability
• Take lead in the development and execution of a project plan in the processing of applications.
• Manage and lead the commodity team in their area of speciality in order to provide expert agricultural support to the Bank to facilitate accurate and efficient structuring of appropriate financial solutions and feasible transactions.
• Manage and lead the commodity team in their area of speciality in order to provide support in terms of the completion and submission of reports as and when requested ensuring a comprehensive assessment of potential business transactions, including

Viability/Feasibility of the Business Plan
Debt serviceability
Sustainability of the Farming operations
Risks, mitigations and opportunities identified

• Application of appropriate project management principles in the determination of the development phase of the farming venture, conducting the required valuation of the entity’s assets crop inspection, determining the realisable assets value, calculation of the production value and related loan value.
• Manage and lead the collaboration with and support of other Bank divisions, conduct collateral management valuations in accordance with the relevant Land Bank policy and procedures.

Agricultural knowledge database and knowledge sharing

• To manage and lead the team in order to ensure support with the collection, process, and packaging of information in order to determine, amongst others, the following:
o Market value of property
o Production costs
o Establishment costs
o Profit margins
o Produce prices
o Market trends
o Economic patterns
o Potential of land
• Ensure relevant and updated information for knowledge sharing as and when required
• Contribute information to the national agricultural specialists’ database
• To ensure knowledge transfer to the various Bank representatives in order to ensure skills transfer and empowerment in terms of technical context.

Customer and stakeholder relationship management
• Build, foster and maintain consistent, effective and strong relationships with all stakeholders in order to strengthen relationships with the potential to secure new business opportunities for the bank.
• Ensure that all stakeholders remain aware of the value of the Land Bank’s products, the processes and principles related to agricultural financing within the Land Bank environment.
• Stay up to date with provincial initiatives and developments and further strengthen the relationship to assess further business opportunities to promote long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

People management
Performance Management
• Analyse the business plan to determine the applicable deliverables and targets
• Compile the Performance Management documentation in collaboration with the staff member in terms of:
• Job Profile requirements
• Key Performance Areas
• Personal Development Plan
• Conduct performance planning session and Track and monitor performance in accordance with performance contracts
• Conduct performance reviews in accordance with policies and procedures and take corrective actions where necessary
• Provide coaching and feedback to employees on how to improve and sustain their performance
• Lead the department by managing appointments, promotions, and industrial relations issues conjunction with the Human Capital Support Service Unit
• Conduct disciplinary actions as per Land Bank’s policy and procedure where necessary

Capacity Planning
• Determine the human resource requirements, in accordance with the expected deliverables and current capacity
• Secure the human capital requirements to ensure that deliverables will be met in accordance with the expected targets
• Set and achieve employment equity targets.
• Minimise staff turnover
• Lead the department in such a manner as to foster innovation and technological excellence.
• Demonstrate behavior aligned to the Land bank values
• Equitable distribution of responsibilities and accountabilities and plan appropriate human capacity and full utilisation for projects under management

Preferred Minimum Education and Experience  
  • Masters Level business Degree with Agriculture as base with project management experience
• 7 years experience in Agricultural management and financial Extension Services; or
• 7 years experience in Agricultural businesses, a Co-op, or similar organisations, focusing on farm related financing
• 7 years Project Management experience

Critical Competencies   
  • Microsoft Office
• Knowledge / Experience of financial and business analytical principles, tools and systems
• Farm Valuation Principles
• Agricultural Economics
• Risk Management Principles
• Lending / Credit Assessment Principles
• Financial and Business Acumen
• Project Management

Additional Requirements   
 • Extended hours as and when required
• Travel as and when required
• Needs to keep abreast with micro and macro agricultural economic trends

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