Monday, June 25, 2018

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Online Monitor Operator

Engineering & Technical, Gauteng Centurion-

Carry out daily sampling and maintenance of on-line and in-situ analytical monitoring equipment and on-line sampling equipment in various WWTW

Qualification & Experience :
Grade 12 (NQF 4) with Maths and Science

1 year online monitor experience or 2 years lab or plant experience

Valid Code B driver's license

Key Responsibilities :
Plan the route for taking samples by means of giving priority to the works samples and delivery of 8 day samples to Cydna Lab as needed

Clean analyzer tubing, auto sampler bottles and inlet tubinh weekly

Record daily readings

Check leaks and air bubbles in the tubing and replace if necessary

Replace DO meter membranes

Remove and clean cyclone filters and pre filters

Replace intrument parts

Take daily liquid samples for plant process monitoring

Label and deliver daily liquid samples to Lab before 9.00

Take monthly boehole sample, composts, belt cakes and dried sludge samples and deliver to Cydna Lab

Control and ensure quality by running calibration, validation and verification

Monitor the use of chemicals by maintaining chemical stock levels at the required number on a monthly basis

Maintain Company vehicle in good working order by weekly submission of daily vehicle sheets to the Admin Assistant

Communicate with all relevant stakeholders

Comply with OHASA, Company Vehicle Policy, SOP for microbiology and chemical sampling and ISO 17025 in terms of standard preparations

Please e-mail your CV to :

[email protected]

Ad Visible Until: 19 July 2018
Ref: JHB000185/ADM

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