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Mwananchi Communication Company Limited Ajira, Nafasi 2

CORRESPONDENTS RETAINERS, Mwananchi Communications Ltd May, 2018


Developing, reports and writing News and Feature stories for the title he/ she is assigned to in finished form. so that no major rewrite is required or no extensive additional report is needed. Attending assigned news functions, taking notes on location, carrying out interviews, checking facts and making an audio/visual recording as the case may be; writing News or Features at their own initiative, choice and judgment or at the direction of either the News Editor or Section Editor; Ensuring that the material so written reflects a thorough understanding of MCL’s style of journalism as defined in the editorial policy guidelines and objectives, the house style and the journalistic code of ethical journalism; Researching and providing background information to make copy complete; Briefing the News Editor on stories gathered and writing the selected ones within set deadlines; Following news leads and maintaining close contacts with news sources; Continually building his/her contacts list and demonstrating its value with consistent exclusive reports or information;

ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR, Mwananchi Communications Ltd May, 2018

Job Description
We are looking for ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR

Assist the News Editor to maintain a diary of events Assesses political, social and economic climate and anticipates likely developments for coverage Assist the News Editor in briefing reporters and advises on angles to take on a story Guides reporters and writers on coverage and writing of stories Ensures that reporters write stories and deliver them within the set deadlines Assist the News Editor to review the written stories to ensure they meet editorial objectives, house style and journalistic ethics Monitors and guides reporters and recommends areas for personal growth Recommends main stories of the day and presents the docket to News Editor for the editorial meetings. Assist the News Editor to Participating in product development meetings. Assist the News Editor to ensuring delivery of digital content

About Company:
Mwananchi communications Limited publishersis one of the leading Tanzania Newspapers, these are Mwananchi, The citizen and Mwanaspoti.

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