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HelpAge International Tanzania Jobs, Consultant Vacancy Post

Request for Consultancy –Designing of Mobile Application for case management database system

HelpAge international is a non-profit humanitarian agency that envisions a world in which older men and women everywhere can lead dignified, healthy and secure lives as they grow older. We deploy our energies to combat poverty, exclusion and discrimination in older age, now and in the future. HelpAge International has a tripartite partnership agreement with UNHCR and Government of Tanzania to provide life-saving protection and assistance to Burundian refugees categorized as persons with specific needs in Nduta and Mtendeli camps. The vulnerable refugees targeted and supported includes The cumulative figure of all PSN in both camps stands at 22,908PSN (16120female, 6788Male) as of 30th November 2018

PSNs experience multiple vulnerabilities in a context where mass population displacement increases their risks to social exclusion. Age and physical disability intersecting with gender further disadvantage those unable to compete for the limited humanitarian assistance, Age and physical disability intersecting with gender further disadvantage those unable to compete for the limited humanitarian assistance available. They face heightened protection risks of violence and exploitation, and restricted access to humanitarian assistance and protection due to neglect, discrimination, and/or isolation by family or community members.[1] As such, they often fail to fulfill their immediate needs, increasing their protection risks, and face major obstacles in accessing existing services and assistance.

With funding from BPRM HelpAge International has continued to ensure inclusion, rights protection and provision of appropriate services to Persons with Specific needs (PSN) in the two camps of Nduta and Mtendeli, and the surrounding host communities in Kibondo and Kakonko districts respective in Kigoma region, north western Tanzania

Purpose of the Assignment
As part of ensuring accountability, knowledge sharing, efficiency and paper work in data collection activities, HelpAge aims to adopt next a generation platform by translating its web based open platform of the case management database system , as well as other data collection tools, into a mobile platform. Mobile application is needed that can be installed on smartphones and tablets and it can be always accessible, even if there is no Internet connection available. Such a mobile platform is expected to further enlarge Help Age pool of digital data collection tools and bring our results and achievement instantly to the general public globally in a friendly and accessible manner.

Scope of Work
The task of the consultant will be to develop, design and assist in the launch of a multi-platform mobile application that will illustrate all the components of the already designed case management database system. It will also provide additional information such as country or region mobile platform that will be linked to the existing web-based platforms for Help Age International. It will also feature specific data developed for the purpose of this app. The task will also include upgrading major components of the case management database system to meet current demands that includes;

· Enhance access of the system form any points and its capacity to display uploaded information for any user,

· Review the inventory component to fit the current needs,

· Review assessment component to fit the current needs,

The consultant will also have to develop a training manual for the app and provide training to all staffs on the usage of the app.

While not exhaustive, the following basic requirements for the app have been identified;

· The mobile platform should be accessible on multiple platform

· The mobile app should reflect and capture all key components of the case management database system.

· The data displayed on the app from existing sources should update automatically

· A Content Management System to enable Help Age staff to upload, update and tag new content

· Display multimedia content

· Features such as notification system, specification for target devices and localization (Geo tagging)

· The applications interface will be designed for English but possibility of being expanded to other languages

· Focus on simplicity, great performance and attractive design, the mobile app ought to be innovative, informative, and user-friendly. In other words, your focus is to have an app that not only meets the requirements of the target audience but also is interactive and easy to use.

Essential skills and qualifications
1. The consultant must have minimum of 3 years work experience in mobile apps development (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), website designing and management.

2. Ability to design the structure of the database and write appropriate interfaces (e.g. Microsoft Excel) for data entry and ensure data quality and security

3. Experience working with local and international organizations and clients of similar discipline.

The consultant must show proven experiences of successfully executing similar assignments.
5. Experience in training project personnel in the use of database management applications

6. Maturity and professional ability to handle sensitive information and ability to respect the confidentiality of such information while working with Help Age and even after the contract ends.

7. Proven ability to work effectively with others - including in multicultural team – and strong interpersonal skills

8. Ability to work under pressure, and commitment to meet deadlines

Fluency in English
10.The assignment will be supervised by the Monitoring and Evaluation department

Key Tasks
The consultant will work closely with Help Age staffs to agree on the scope of work prior to commencement of the assignment. Key tasks will include the following;

1. Provide a detailed work plan clearly showing the information gathering, planning, design, development, testing and delivery and the maintenance phases for the app, database.

2. Conduct an audience analysis to inform the design of the app, database.

3. Design and develop the app, database and website for the project

4. Pilot test/debug the app, database.

5. Develop a documentation and an operation manual on how to use the app, database and website effectively.

6. Provide training to assigned staff on the use of the app, database and website features.

7. Launch the app on various platforms.

8. Provide on-going maintenance of the app, database.

9. Provide reliable hosting and registration platforms – on robust dedicated servers to allow for smooth operations of the app, database and website
10. Ensure robust Information Security procedures and principles pertaining to relevant data protection and confidentiality aspects (including appropriate data backups), in accordance with Help Age IT standards and procedures.


The deliverables shall include the following:

1. A fully working app, easy to use, with clear navigation available for both Android and IOS platforms.

2. A fully working database, with user friendly system and a dashboard able to provide clear data analysis and reports.

All software codes for the app, database and website in a softcopy format.

A training manual for the app, database and website.

5. Work report

8. Duration of work

The consultant will have maximum of 21 days from signing of agreement to complete the assignment.

Expression of Interest
Interested individual are requested to apply by submitting their expression of interest describing their expertise and background experience. The proposal and CV should explain briefly:

1. Your competency to meet and provide analysed information as outlined in this TOR

An example of a relevant piece of work undertaken by the applicant.
Financial proposal: The financial proposal should provide cost estimates for services rendered including daily consultancy fees.
All interest Applicant should submit their application by 18th May 2018 to the office Manager, HelpAge international P.O.Box 9846, Dar es salaam or to:

Request for Consultancy – Designing of Mobile Application for case management database system

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