Thursday, April 5, 2018

Recruitment Portal Tanzania: Board Of Director Vacancies

 Job description
We are looking for a senior board member to a new non profit organisation based in East Africa.

Who we are:
About GiveAwaySmile

We think you are:
Proven past relations with NGO´s preferably in East Africa. This is a must have skill
Proven skills to found an NGO from different sources like us-aid and other organizations. This is a must have skill
You have been a board member or are still a member in at least one NGO.  This is a must have skill
Good connections and skills regarding permits and administration regarding expanding to other countries
Excellent skills n english. Swahili is a plus
Many years experience as a manager with in an humanitarian sector
Good relations with government officials in East Africa
We provide you with an uniq opportunity to be part of the developing of this brand new NGO

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