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Workshop Manager Jobs At Alistair Group Of Companies

Take a look at your hands, are they are greasy, dirty and bruised? And yet are they also dexterous with the keyboard and do you find yourself designing your next component on the computer?  If you are hands on, skilled in the workshop as well as the computer, enthusiastic, energetic, and hardworking, Alistair Group may have the position for you.  Our opening for the Workshop Lead for our Road Freight division will give you the opportunity to not only manage a large workshop, but to build on the foundation we have created of being the most technologically driven maintenance facility in the region.  We require an individual who strikes the right balance between hands on and process driven, with the capability to continue to innovate and grow. Alistair Group will offer the right candidate the necessary tools to grow and develop. If you have ever wanted to set the benchmark in maintenance then make the right move today with Alistair Group and apply for the Workshop Lead role!

2.1       Management have overall responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of this procedure are met.

2.2       The Workshop Group Manager is responsible for the day-to-day requirements of this procedure.

2.3       The Workshop Group Manager must manage liabilities to ensure legislative compliance and achievement of best practice to meet corporate objectives.

2.4       The Workshop Group Manager must ensure compliance with company policies and procedures and relevant Tanzanian legislation. Supervise daily activities of vehicle repair and maintenance operation to ensure proper performance and safety of all company vehicles and equipment.

2.5       Provide leadership and supervision for reporting staff to meet company deliverables. Ensure all equipment and assets are designed, built, serviced and maintained in a safe, efficient and professional manner.

2.6       Ensure all workshop and yard operations are undertaken in a safe, efficient, cost effective and professional manner.

2.7       Support Alistair Group operations such that objectives are met at the required work performance standard and in accordance with company behaviours and values. Plan and produce a preventative maintenance schedule not only for mechanical work but also visual aspects.

3.0       Day to day tasks
3.1       Managing workshops activities – the Workshop Group Manager plans, assigns and reviews the work of all technicians in the workshop. Brief the supervisors who then supervise the work of the mechanics, Welders, Panel beaters and electricians.

3.2       Managing safety – Actively support the Alistair Group Health, Safety, Environment and Quality vision and values. It is the responsibility of the Workshop Lead to ensure that the workshop is safely maintained, that all working areas are safe and that staffs are fully trained to do their job efficiently and safely.

3.3       Managing staff – the Workshop Group Manager makes recommendations regarding the recruitment, discipline and promotion of employees, authorizes leave and overtime, advises employees on work related problems, evaluates and assesses employee performance.

3.4       Liaising with other departments –co-ordinate the need for maintenance and repair of operational equipment with other employees/ departments.

4.0          Reports
4.1          The Workshop Group Manager is responsible for producing a monthly service report of the work/ breakdowns and tyre tasks conducted by the workshop, along with recommendations and feedback to management, some of these reports include:

4.2          Monthly workshop report- including breakdowns, amount of vehicles worked on, turn over time, fleet reliability and availability, tyre scrap report, equipment PPM calculator report and KPI’s for workshop staff.

5.0          Day to day accountabilities & responsibilities
    Managing workshop personnel and machinery for the effective and efficient repair and maintenance of trucks, trailers & equipment.
    Planning and scheduling job flows in accordance with operations’ deadlines, clients’ delivery requirements, and job priorities.
    Monitoring workflow, recognizing and anticipating problems affecting workshop operations, and determining the best solutions.
    Striving to maximize productivity and minimize wastage in workshop operations.
    Ensuring adequate use and maintenance of tools, equipment, machinery, vehicles, and materials in the workshop.
    Maintaining discipline and adherence of workshop personnel to company’s regulations at all times.
    Evaluating performance of workshop personnel and identifying training needs.
    Responsible for the quality of the workmanship involved in all workshop operations.
    Setting up specific maintenance schedules for trucks & equipment
    Developing  job cards, ensuring that trucks are serviced and history recorded appropriately
    Maintaining the highest quality standard for existing and future workshop operations.
    Implementing systems to allow for effective delegation in the workshop
    Coordinating the maintenance function of motor vehicles, plant and equipment at all our branches i.e. Mtwara, Mozambique and Dar es Salaam.
    Planning, scheduling and follow up of regular, preventive and breakdown maintenance practices for all machines, trucks and equipment.
    Coordinating execution of third party service contracts for repair and maintenance of vehicles and mobile equipment.
    Developing and Maintaining a motor vehicle and equipment plant register, keeping records of all maintenance activities and analysing vehicle costs using the Fleet Maintenance pro system.
    Actively coordinating with the warehouse clerk concerning parts requirements and expected deliveries.
    Developing, reviewing and approving procedures and practices related to workshop operations in compliance with the Company’s guidelines.
    Making sure that safety regulations are followed in the workshop, by both workshop personnel and visitors.
    Active involvement in recruitment of required workshop personnel.
    Selecting tools/equipment/machinery needed for the workshop, as well as spare parts for existing machinery.
    Reporting to the Operations and Managing Director on work progress, and on any requirements/challenges/problems faced, as well as on any ideas to improve workshop operations.
    Manage the maintenance of workshop facilities and fixed equipment
    Manage and coordinate the safety and compliance of subcontractors engaged to operate within the workshop, office and yard e.g. Cranes, forklifts, etc.
    Actively support the Alistair Logistics Health, Safety, Environment and Quality vision and values.
    Evaluating the company’s product specifications and examining them with customer requirements.
    Setting quality assurance compliance objectives to achieve the targets.
    Promoting performance improvement and quality assurance programs in the workshop.
    Ensuring maintenance compliance with international and national legislation and standards.
    Defining quality measures in conjunction with working staff.
    Understanding, evaluating, and executing the tests and procedures properly and investigating the product modifications.
    Establish and maintain robust supplier management practices, including but not limited to, incoming receiving inspection and supplier quality development.
    Implement and maintain internal auditing processes aimed at achieving robust quality systems and sustaining industry quality and environmental certifications.
    Lead and support improvement initiatives to reduce scrap/rework through improved process control and error proofing methods.
    Maintaining and setting up documentation and control procedures.
    Supervising technical team in carrying out checks and tests.
    Monitoring performance by collecting relevant information and preparing statistical reports.
    Determining relevant quality associated training requirements and delivering training.
    Contemplating the application of health and safety, and environmental standards.

6.0          Education/ training
6.1          Foundation course in health and safety in the workplace.

6.2          Five years experience in vehicle repair/ maintenance.

6.3          Minimum two years supervising/ managing experience.

6.4          Must hold a degree in an engineering field.

6.5          Advanced knowledge on Microsoft office suite.

6.6          Training in time management and how to allocate tasks/ plan efficiently.

6.7          Exposure to mechanical/technical environment minimum 1 year.

7.0          Skills, knowledge & experience
7.1          Ability to direct and supervise personnel and coordinate workshop operations.

7.2          Advanced speaking/ reading and writing skills in English.

7.3          Advanced knowledge of automotive mechanics and maintenance.

7.4          Ability to operate all tools and equipment involved in vehicle repairs.

7.5          Ability to communicate and resolve vehicle breakdowns.

7.6          A leader with strong organizational and management skills.

7.7          Energetic, self-motivated and target orientated.

7.8          Good computer skills in all Microsoft applications, SAP, FMP, BUDINI software’s.

How to Apply
Please send your resume and cover letter to [[email protected]]. Be sure to include the job title in the subject.

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