Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Nafasi Ya Kazi: Project Evaluator kutoka APHFTA Ilala Dar es salaam

APHFTA is an Umbrella Non-governmental Organization (NGO) of the private (self-sustaining) health sector in Tanzania established in 1994. It serves as a public forum for the private health sector and provides a comprehensive array of advocacy, administrative, knowledge-sharing, and networking products and services to the Private Health Care Sector (PHCS).

Currently, APHFTA is looking for a consultant to carry out the End term evaluation for its Project titled National Non Communicable Disease/ Diabetes Primary Prevention (NDPP) which pursues to increase access to Diabetes Primary Prevention and detection services by strengthening the National School Health Program in Tanzania

The overall objective of the End term Evaluation is to assess the Project interventions’ continued relevance, feasibility, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability and establish platform for the scale up of the Project intervention packages in the entire country of Tanzania Mainland.

Health Coordinator, 
APHFTA P.O BOX 13234 Dar es Salaam
[email protected]

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