Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nafasi Ya Kazi Kutoka SimuSolar Tanzania, Service Officer Post

Job Description: Service Officer
Internal Overview:

This position is for people who have proven their capabilities as customer servicing and are ready to attend customers for servicing in collaboration with customer care representatives. They continue serving customers and provide customer feedback, ensure customer satisfaction after servicing, lesson learned and viable solutions for each task solved. Good communication skills, problem solving skills and flexibility are key to serving our customers better.

Role Summary:
Field service office is responsible to attend and complete all assigned service tasks on time. The role expects to reach our customers as soon as we can, serve them, retain them by solving their problems and leave them happy. The role include installations audits, reinstallations, replacing defective parts, customer experience/usage surveys and reeducating customers whenever necessary.

Your responsibilities focus on customer service, including (a) Attending assigned tasks and complete them accordingly (b) Documentation of problems and solutions attended which causes, solutions and customer feedback (c) Communication: For all of the above, the service officer is expected to work closely with customer care, technical team and other departments.

(a) Customer servicing

    Committed to serve
    Replacements of defective parts
    Device reallocation
    Customer education
    Make our customers happy

(b) Learn from customer’s experience

    Develop documentation of field feedback
    Ensure we have the correct information of the problem and viable solutions
    Understanding the source of the problem and address it if its due to usages

(c) Work with customer care and technical team to priorities tasks and meeting customer expectations

    Plan your tasks attendance in regard of time and cost
    Advice customer care and technical team priorities
    Understand customer service main objective and be a leader in achieving these

(d)Cost effectiveness:

    Achieve the objectives above as cost-effectively as possible so we can keep our prices low for our customers.

Minimum requirements:
    1 (one) year experience in customer servicing role
    Certificate or Diploma in Marketing, Customer service, Sales, Logistics and other related fields

Service Officer must demonstrate the following:

    Ability to multi task and stay focused
    Initiative in improving customer servicing procedures
    Ability to set plans, and budgets that balance servicing and economics;
    Demonstrated ability to work proactively and constructively with all departments;
    Demonstrated ability to utilize company’s technologies.
    Strong communication skills.

How to apply:
Application should be made through jobs@simusolar.com

Dead line will be on 13/03/2018.

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