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Cashier Supervisor Job At Blue Recruits Employemnt Solutions.

•The Cashier Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of a team of cashiers, providing training, hiring, monitoring, and assistance with operational issues. This position is primarily mobile, proactively visiting registers, providing direction and support to Cashiers and Baggers, and ensuring excellent customer service. The primary location for the Cashier Supervisor is behind the registers where they are positioned to proactively assist in potential customer assistance issues while maintaining visibility of the exit doors for security and loss prevention issues.

•The Cashier Supervisor is also responsible for assigning employees to sweep the store and monitor adequate supply levels and cleanliness standards in the restroom areas every hour, ensure carts are brought in from the parking lot on a regular basis, and schedule appropriate meal and rest breaks pursuant to company policy and state requirements.

Essential Job Functions
•Responsible for ensuring the store is profitable through well-trained cashiers and shortage control.
•Oversees all register transactions, processing of customer purchases, and handling any refunds and overrides pursuant to Sprouts standards.
•Manages cash tills when Cashiers take breaks; holds key to locked cabinet and ensures proper storage and security of cash tills and return of used cash tills to appropriate Cashier.
•Regularly monitors checkout stations to ensure adequate cash is available; maintains security and accounting of extra cash tills.
•Conducts or participates in hiring of new Cashiers as requested.
•Provides training for new cashiers on policies and procedures related to point of sale system.
•Ensures that checkout areas are properly maintained in a clean and orderly condition at all times.
•Approves transactions that require multiple reviews.
•Reviews point of sale transactions for compliance with company policies and procedures.
•Resolves employee disputes or concerns to ensure a good working team.
•Enforces safety, health, and security rules.
•Plans and prepares work schedules and assigns employees to specific duties; ensures proper scheduling of breaks and meal periods to comply with state law and Sprouts policy.
•Writes or provides input to Store 3rdManager or Store Manager on employee evaluations.
•Takes steps necessary for disciplinary actions, which may include directly administering discipline, participating in disciplinary actions, or providing input to the Store 3rdManager or Store Manager on required disciplinary actions.
•Performs general record keeping and accounting duties.
•Greets customers in person and by phone, answers questions, addresses concerns, and offers assistance as needed.
•Handles all types of customer transactions as needed; receives payment and/or obtains credit card authorization and is responsible for ensuring accuracy of such processes.
•Assists with relevant duties when shift occurs during opening or closing of the store.
•Assigns staff to sweep the store every hour and to retrieve carts from parking lot; may assign additional light cleaning or other work at slower times.
•Orders supplies applicable to front end and keeps levels up to standards at check stand areas.
•Administers daily Produce walks and weekly Produce tests to cashier members.
•Schedules and prepares agendas for Quarterly Cashier and Bagger meetings.
•Maintains lost and found items pursuant to the store compliance.
•Communicates with Grocery Manager on ordering needs for front end merchandisers and drink coolers, as well as re-usable bags and wine bags.
Other related duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

•1-2 years recent cashiering experience and a diploma, supplemented with leadership training preferred; or an acceptable combination of experience and education.
•Requires good leadership skills and the ability to lead by example.
•Requires strong attention to detail and proficiency with numbers.
•Ability to communicate clearly, concisely and persuasively.
•Ability to interact effectively at all levels and across diverse cultures.
•Ability to solve practical problems.
•Ability to perform repetitious activities.
•Excellent customer service skills and a positive attitude are essential to interact with customers and employees.

Physical Requirements

•Requires standing and walking for long periods of time.
•Repetitive arm and hand movements; bending, carrying, and lifting.
•Requires transferring product either horizontally or vertically of up to 30 pounds.
•Requires moving grocery carts

SALARY: NEGOTIABLE (depending on experience)

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