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Nafasi Mpya Za Kazi DAWASA, Tuma Maombi Mapema.

In 1981 the Government of Tanzania established the National Urban Water Authority and charged it with the responsibility to develop and manage urban water supply on the mainland of Tanzania. NUWA which became operational in 1984 set a target to take over and reform water supply services in all urban areas in Dar es Salaam.

The Government reorganised NUWA in 1997 to form the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority by merging the functions of NUWA and the sewerage functions of the Sewerage and Sanitation Department of the City Commission. Under the DAWASA Act DAWASA was made responsible for developing operating and maintaining all water supply and sewerage services in Dar es Salaam and its satellite towns of Bagamoyo and Kibaha..

The DAWASA area of operations incorporates the Cities of Dar Es Salaam, Kibaha, Bagamoyo and the corridors of its two transmission lines. The Dar es Salaam Water Supply and Sewerage Authority is responsible for providing water supply services to its customers (about 100 000) in its area of operations. DAWASA also provides sewerage services to a small number of customers (around 20, 000) in the City of Dar Es Salaam. By the late 1990s it was evident that DAWASA was unable to respond quickly enough to meet customer demands for improved levels of service and improve finances to adequately maintain and replace its aging assets.

In August 1997 AfDB identified a Dar es Salaam Water Supply and Sanitation Project
that would focus on rehabilitating and improving operations and facilities with DAWASA
as the service provider and Operator. AfDB put project processing on hold pending the
outcome of consultations in 1997 / 98 between Operators and the GoT for a long term
“Concession”. Under the proposed arrangements the concessionaire was to be
responsible for financing the investment program estimated to cost of about
US%24250 million as well as operation and maintenance activities.

In November 1998 it became clear that this approach was not going to succeed.
Private investors were unwilling to finance such a venture in Dar es Salaam given the
state of the WSS operations and infrastructure. Consequently GoT requested World
Bank assistance to design an option that would combine private operation and public
financing. In March 2003 DAWASA completed the preparation of the Dar es Salaam
Water Supply & Sanitation Project (DWSSP) in keeping with the suggested scope
defined by the World Bank. The World Bank African Development Bank and the
European Investment Bank appraised the project and commenced negotiations for

DAWASA and CWS met all conditions precedent for external financing and the project
and lease contracts became effective 1 August 2003. The Lease Contract with City
Water Services was terminated on 31st May 2005 after attempts to renegotiate the
contract failed. Upon termination of the CWS Lease Contract DAWASA appointed the
Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Corporation (DAWASCO) as the new Operator
for the DAWASA Service Area. DAWASCO was established in May 2005 under the
Public Corporations Act 1992. Following negotiations DAWASA and DAWASCO signed
a new ten year Lease Contract effective 1 July 2005.


2.1.2 Appointment by: The Minister Responsible for Water

2.1.3 Reports to: Board of Directors

2.1.4 Supervises: Directors and Heads of Units

DAWASA is charged with the responsibility of ensuring availability of safe and clean
water and environmentally friendly disposal of wastewater. Under the direction of the
Board of Directors, CEO is responsible for day-to-day functioning of DAWASA. The
CEO ensures that the Authority’s mission is realized and meets its objectives by
effectively carrying out the Authority’s mandate according to DAWASA Act.


i. Accounting Officer of DAWASA responsible for directing and supervising the
Authority’s strategic developmental and operational plans;

ii. Formulate and recommend objectives, strategies and policies of the Authority
and ensure their implementation;

iii. Review actual performance against plans and budgets and submits reports to
the Board detailing performance with recommendations for actions necessary to
correct adverse variances;

iv. Develop and maintain ethical standards and establishes management controls
and appropriate monitoring systems;

v. Delegate authority appropriately in-order to meet DAWASA’s objectives;

vi. Ensure DAWASA has competent and adequate staff necessary for the proper
and efficient conduct of the business and activities of DAWASA;

vii. Mobilize resources for capital investments;

viii. Take remedial action to correct adverse variations and exploits favourable
variations to the set plans and ethical standards.

ix. Ensure that DAWASA’s activities are environmentally friendly and conform to
the rules;

x. Establish and maintain effective communication within the Authority.

xi. Make recommendations to the Board for fixing of water and sewerage tariffs and
collects revenue thereof;

xii. Ensure sustainable supply of clean and quality water for bulk and retail
customers as well as efficient management of waste water;

xiii. Build an effective management team and develop productivity culture and
results oriented management; and

xiv. Perform any other related and legally acceptable duties as may be assigned by
the Board of Directors and MoWI.

i. Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Bachelor Degree in Mechanical
Engineering, Water Resource Management, Environmental or Sanitation
ii. Shall have A Master’s degree in the above field s or MBA

iii. Must be registered as professional by respective Boards and is required to
have strong conceptual and strategic ability, and extensive managerial,
administrative and supervisory experience of at least 10 years’ experience in
Water and Sanitation Sector, five of which in at least managerial position from a
reputable organization and must be ICT literate.
iv. Computer literate is essential.

Salary Scale: DAWASA Pay Grade 1.

Five years contract, renewable on satisfactory service and performance.


i. All applicants must be Citizens of Tanzania of not more than 45 years of age;

ii. Applicants must attach an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) having reliable
contacts; postal address/post code, e-mail and telephone numbers;

iii. Applicants should apply on the strength of the information given in this
iv. Applicants must attach their certified copies of the following certificates;
 Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma/Certificates;
 Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma transcripts;
 Form IV and Form VI National Examination Certificates;
 Birth certificate

v. Applicants who will attach copies of the following certificates strictly not accepted;
 Form IV and form VI results slips
 Testimonials and all Partial transcripts

vi. Applicants employed in the Public Service should route their application letters
through their respective employers;

vii. Applicants who have/were retired from the Public Service for whatever reason
should not apply;

viii. Applicants should indicate three reputable referees with their reliable contacts;
ix. Certificates from foreign examination bodies for Ordinary or Advanced level
education should be certified by The National Examination Council of Tanzania
(NECTA) and National Council for Technical Education (NACTE);

x. Certificates from foreign Universities should be verified by The Tanzania
Commission for Universities (TCU);

xi. Applicants with special needs/case (disability) are supposed/advised to

xii. A signed application letters should be written either in Swahili or English and
Addressed to Secretary, Presidents Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat,
27 Bibi Titi Mohammed Road, P.O.Box 63100, Maktaba Complex, 11102 Dar Es

xiii. Deadline for application is 25th December, 2017 and;

xiv. Only short listed candidates will be informed on a date for interview.

xv. Presentation of forged certificates and other information will necessitate to legal

NOTE: All applications must be sent through Recruitment Portal by using the
following address; AJIRA PORTAL and not otherwise (This address
can also be found at PSRS Website, Click ‘Recruitment Portal’)

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