Saturday, February 11, 2017


Assistant RM - Local Large Corporates


Job Purpose

• A member of a Corporate Team developing and maintaining relationships with a portfolio of corporate and/or Local Large Corporates
• A named point of contact for customers dealing with a range of requests including any calls in Managers’/Directors’ absence.
• Assist one or more Managers/Directors’ with product knowledge, operational issues, customer relationship development and risk management for the portfolio.
Key responsibilities
• Arrange and undertake product presentations where appropriate.
• Develop and maintain contacts with specialists in other branch sectors and other areas of the Group.
• Monitor leads and co-ordinate information for the Relationship Manager on overall portfolio.
• Act as principal point of contact in Relationship Managers absence.
• Assist with development of and revisions to Customer Relationship Plan.
• Develop and maintain own contacts with individuals within customers’ organization
• Co-ordinate introduction to and from other areas of the Barclays Group where appropriate and monitor outcome.
• Monitor level of customer service and satisfaction.
• Develop and maintain links with local business community and support Relationship Manager in same activity e.g. K.B.I.s.
• Conduct research to identify potential new customers and maintain database of potential customers.
• Support review of refer list and other risk reports
• Assist with creation of Credit Applications and generate risk reports including excess reports
• Prepare facility letters and co-ordinate execution of documentation and drawdown of facilities
• Analyse historic and projected financial information to identify key issues and monitor compliance with covenants and terms prior to discussing with Relationship Manager.
• Collate customer produced financial information.
• 100% completion if the KYC process and preparation of Account Aide Memoire
• Monitor set-up of products from other areas of the Barclays Group.
• Act as liaison for risk management information purposes with customers, accountants, solicitors and other relevant people.
• Provide technical input and undertake research for Relationship Manager in connection with proposed security and liaise to arrange preparation and execution of security documentation.
• Take responsibility for routine duties with other members of the Corporate Support Team. This will include administration such as holiday lists, returns, inter departmental meetings etc.
• Attend Relationship Team meetings and contribute fully, including suggestions for ways of improving customer service.
• Contribute to environment of mutual support by sharing knowledge with other team members.
Technical skills / Competencies
Personal Attributes:
• Meeting customers needs
• Managing relationships
• Communication
• Self confidence
• Analytical thinking
• Judgement
• Thoroughness
• Initiative
• Active listening
 Skills required undertaking the role:
• Basic keyboard skills.
• Proficient in use of internal computer systems.
 Knowledge of the bank’s products, services and policies required to undertake the role:
A good knowledge of:
• Branch based products and services frequently used by Corporate/Local Large Development Organisation customers including features, tariff/pricing and availability.
• Internal instructions/procedures
• The roles and responsibilities of other members of the Relationship Team.
• Products and services offered by other areas of the Barclays Group which are frequently used by Corporate/Local Large Corporates customers including features, tariff/pricing and availability.
• The Bank’s service standards.
• Certain products, processes or issues to act as ‘Team Expert’ in areas which complement detailed knowledge of other team members.
• Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of individual based in other areas of the Barclays Group who could typically have some involvement with the customer base.
• Awareness of legislation affecting the Bank and customers.
Other requirements specific to the role:
• There are no specific qualifications other than the Bank’s entry requirements.
• Undertaking or having completed A.C.I.B. examinations, relevant professional qualifications would be an advantage.
Training likely to assist effectiveness in the role and may have been completed prior to undertaking this role:
• Technical Securities
• Financial Analysis and Lending skills
• ICA familiarity
• Business development and selling skills

• Negotiation skills


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